Assetto Corsa Competizione – Top Tier Racing Sim

In the racing community, the amount of games that are realistic or even worth playing is a handful. At least that’s what I heard. One of such titles is Assetto Corsa, which with its realistic physics, and the ability to modify your vehicle to the smallest detail, plays a huge part for players looking for a realistic experience. And when you add the ability to add mods, such as tracks, cars, and other assets, currently only available on PC, you get a whole different experience. Recently, the studio had also released another title, Assetto Corsa Competizione, which offers cars that are either street illegal or extremely rare. Does it live up to its predecessor? Let’s take a look. Before that, let us mention that the game was released a year earlier on the PC compared to its console versions.

As we mentioned, the AC series and titles actually live up to a very high standard. Most enthusiast racing gamers often recommend AC, due to realistic handling and physics. There have also been very few titles which even come close to competing with them. For this review, we will be mainly focusing on the PS4 version. To be fair, AC wasn’t created for the consoles unlike titles such as Grand Turismo but was a port from the PC version. Stating this, unfortunately, there are quite a few features that were on the PC but not on the consoles. One of the things was a stable frame rate. Most racing game enthusiasts aim for having a stable 60 FPS especially on modern hardware, heck even 4k resolution which a game meant for real simulation should be optimized for.

Performance and Controls

However, ACC maintains a 30 FPS lock, even on the PS4 Pro consoles. Making matters worse, on some factors such as the weather has a major impact on performance. However, you can definitely get used to this, however, it shouldn’t go unmentioned. Moving onto the control and hardware, since the game is targeted to be a serious simulation, the best way to play and enjoy the game would be using a steering wheel. The world of steering wheels is a whole different story, pricing ranging from $150 to 2k, and compatibility issues between PC and consoles also arise. With this in mind, the game was advertised towards having a wide range of compatibility for steering wheels, however, that was not the case. This led to players with some steering wheels having difficulties steering around corners resulting in slipping in curves and such.

Such problems were never an issue in the PC versions which made us question how the development team had failed to fix this issue during the year delay. Due to this many users, their consoles for their simulation experiences have expressed annoyance. However, we should take into consideration of the game being a PC port. We can only hope for a fix to come out soon. Moving onto the part which made the game stand out from its competitors, the vehicle modifications, it’s sadly still not available on the console versions. If we take a look from far, the problems that are in the game can easily be ironed out in the future, once the studio slowly rolls patches and fixes.

Graphics and Gameplay

Moving onto the part which makes the game amazing, the graphics and gameplay. Despite all the problems mentioned above, the game still looks fantastic. The sun shining on the hood of the car, the raindrops on the windshield and the scenery, which looks equally as amazing in the consoles. This was mainly taken care of by Unreal Engine 4, which the studio utilized well. The details on each and every vehicle are very true to its originals, and you can tell the studio had put in a lot of time and work on it. The studio had also worked with some GT3 teams for improvements towards their game. One of the drivers who helped was David Parel, who had a fair share of success at various racing events. Almost all well-known tracks are in the game, this includes Silverstone, Monza, Nurburgring, and a few others, and had been added down to the finest details. Moving towards the control and handling, despite the issues with some steering wheel, is extremely precise and realistic. You will feel as though you are driving an actual Lamborghini, Aston Martin, or even a BMW. And it is something that the AC titles are well known for and great knowing that the studio managed to pull it off on another title with a different game engine.

During the launch, there were three different modes that players could choose from, Career, Championship, and freestyle. Career was somewhat underwhelming as it seemed to be some kind of tutorial. Which made the mode somewhat dry compared to other games. But it didn’t come out to be surprising as the AC titles always had a focus on multiplayer and online gaming. I won’t be covering much of the online features as I hadn’t had much time for it myself, however, playing it for a few minutes gave me an overall enjoyable experience. The AI in the game does a pretty good job at proving a balance of challenge and fairness. Of course like in any other racing sims, every small mistake can punish you in the long run. While the game was meant for more serious players, it can also provide a fun experience to casual players. The game offers assistance for players who are new to the racing world and provides a number of options to aid in driving. Overall, the studio is working hard on this new title, and it gets better with every update that comes.


Assetto Corsa Competizione is still one of the top racing simulations that came from a studio that knows what they are doing and actually puts in the effort to listen to its players. However, despite that, the release of the game on the console did not meet the expectations that many players had. Some of the features were missing from the console versions. Even with the missing features, the game is still one of the most realistic simulations offered for the consoles.

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