Verizon Cloud Gaming Service

We all know 5G is soon coming to our homes. But with it Verizon is planning something big with it. As you may have guessed it from the title itself Verizon is conducting alpha tests on their game streaming service. The Verge has reported that Verizon Gaming is up and running on Nvidia Shield set-top box and will gradually make its way towards android smartphones. It can also be paired up with an Xbox One controller.

If that’s not enough to get you excited Verizon is silently recruiting gamers and offering them a fat $150 Amazon gift card on completing. With it they get an Nvidia Shield, Xbox One controller and a login id for the test. If that doesn’t get you pumped I don’t know what will.

Games & Performance

RTX vs GTX Season One Episode Two
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Verizon Gaming is promising titles such as Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2, FIFA18, No mans sky etc. If they do deliver what they’re promising gamers would be able to play games from Playstation as well as PC games all on their fingertips.

Let’s talk about performance. We know Google launched stadia but it did not do as well as we thought it would for the same reason I’m worried about verizon as well, “latency”. Testers have complained about experiencing lag on their systems. But to that Verizon has responded they’re going to get the fundamentals right first then move on to other stuff. The team is currently focusing on performance. Later as the tech advances we are promised more titles as well as better performance.

Secondly let’s move on to saving. Verizon gaming lacks save feature, so everytime a player loads up a game they have to start from the beginning every time. On a forum the Game Testers are reporting that there are a lot of placeholders for the apps instead of the real deal. But as mentioned before we can hope to see all the title and more soon.


A small company Utomik which already an expert in the game streaming industry is a running a part of the Verizon Gaming Experience. The testers have reported that Verizon is going the latest and the best cloud gaming strategy allowing users to play on multiple devices. Of course Amazon, Microsoft and Google aren’t taking the backseat with Project Stream and Project xCloud.

But Verizon leans to showcase this project on the 5G broadband both in house and on the go. Hopefully the lower latency that 5G provides could aid cloud gaming by leaps and bounds. It seems that Verizon Gaming might become an add-on to the company’s home internet and mobile data services.

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