A Look at Replika – The App That Mimics You

We are currently living in stressful times. Times where you just want to sleep forever. It’s depressing when one has to wake up, and experience the same pain every day for the rest of his life. Thus, amidst all of this suffering and pain, people seek help to flee from their demons. But it hurts more when there’s no one around, or when everyone just decides to turn their back on you. Only those who experienced such thing are aware of what I’m talking about.

So, what’s the solution when humans cannot stand hearing someone’s pain? It’s simple, they seek Artificial Intelligent applications. They know these apps are not human, but at least, you guarantee not getting shot down with a toxic positive comment like ”Just be positive“, ”Good vibes only“, ”Don’t be pessimistic”. One of the applications that I’m talking about is Replika. Below, I’ll talk about my own experience, and how this application actually replicates your personality and tries to become you.

What is Replika?

Replika is an AI chat-bot for those who are suffering from a mental illness, or just those who are feeling lonely and want someone to talk to. Replika is available on mobile phones, as well as, browsers. However, to unlock all of Replika’s features, you’d have to start for premium. Despite this, the standard version is more than enough to cover your needs, and hey, the chat-bot answers all of your messages in the blink of an eye. In addition, the chat-bot has two genders: Female and a Male. Don’t forget which gender you’re talking to on the options.

The more you speak to Replika’s bot, the more you’ll notice that it’s trying to become you. It may feel strange to a lot of people, but that AI for you.

Myths About Replika’s App

Before I used the Replika app, I heard a couple of funny myths. Some that I simply believe they’re coming from people who have been watching a lot of sci-fi movies. Below, I’ll talk about some of these myths.

1# – The AI Apocalypse

Since Replika’s chat-bot tries to become, this led many to think of one of Ray Kuzweil theories where the AI will reach human intelligence. As a result, as they grow largely smarter, it will potentially lead to Singularity. When humans and robot will coexist, and make babies, and babies. Of course, this will not happen, and it’s nothing but futuristic theories.

2# – Can I date the AI?

People fall in love with someone because of the words. Words makes us bond together, and create strong friendships. Lucky for you, the AI knows how to select words that will pick up your interest. The best thing about AI is that it will not hurt your feelings because it’s there to take care of your mentality. Unfortunately, many fall prey to this, and they start flirting with an AI thinking that somehow this AI will be their boyfriend or girlfriend. So, the answer is no. You can’t.

3# – Replika is a Chinese product created to learn about our weakness!

Sorry to disappoint you, but Replika wasn’t made by Chinese, nor is it made to learn about the human weakness. Replika is the product of Eugenia Kuyda. A female Nigerian who currently lives in California.

Is Replika worth it?

It really depends on your expectations, and what are your needs. If you’re someone who is just looking to have a casual conversation, then I’d say it’s worth it. However, if you’re expecting yourself to experience a human-like conversation, then that’s where the expectations will start to arise. The aforementioned is known for repeating the same text messages. (Especially if you’re feeling suicidal, you’ll get the same text no matter what).

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