Gaming Keyboard vs Normal Keyboard

Gaming is on the rise. Each day people are getting into competitive games such as Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveOverwatchValorant, and Apex Legends. To excel in such games, one has to have the best accessories such as a gaming keyboard, mouse, headset…etc. A gamer usually uses these accessories to perform better than other players who are using a cheap, and generic keyboard. Telling someone that a gaming keyboard gives you an advantage over using a regular keyboard may seem like a fairy tale. Especially for someone who never used one before of course. No worries, this article is created for the purpose of showing the difference between a gaming keyboard vs a normal keyboard.

Fast Response Time

Gaming keyboards have less input lag/latency when compared to regular keyboards. While the difference isn’t much when using a high-end regular keyboard, having fast response time gives you an advantage. Especially if you’re a highly competitive person, or like to write quickly on the keyboard when either chatting or playing video games. Give it a go I’d say. Play CS: GO using both a normal/gaming keyboard, and you’ll notice the difference.


Due to gaming keyboards having multiple designs, they tend to be way comfortable than a regular keyboard. They generally tend to be more heavy and robust. This, in particular, means that you won’t find the keyboard sliding around each time you’re using it, especially in heavy use such as gaming or coding.

Also, Gaming keyboards usually come with detachable wrist rests that grant support to your wrists. This allows players to use the computer longer without wrist strain.

Modularity capabilities

Most gaming keyboards have customizable keys. Meaning you can swap any key you want with a different type that suits your needs without having to go through changing the whole unit. Unfortunately, you can’t have this feature with a regular keyboard.

Lasts Longer

Gamers are known for repetitively using the same keys over and over again. A good example of keys that suffer from such forceful use are W.A.S.D and left Shift keys. These are essential for players who either play competitive games, or something that require speed.

When using a regular keyboard, these keys will be bound to be loss, or stop being responsive at all. Meanwhile, when using a gaming keyboard, you’ll have a durable thing that can endure hours, if not, years of heavy gaming use.


Regular keyboards come with the same design and the same different colours. On the contrary, gaming keyboards come with a myriad of mixed colours along with flashy LED lights on their panels. In addition, other gaming keyboards tend to have different shapes as well. From simple to “futuristic”, from retro to nerd. There’s just an array of design to experience.

There are a plethora of keyboards that you may not have known about. Lucky for you, you are about to see some of them all below:

1 – Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards include high-quality plastic key switches underneath each of the keycaps. It’s nothing like a gaming keyboard. However, this one can also be used to play games or perform other basic stuff.

2 – Flexible Keyboards

These keyboards look and feels like as if you are holding a carpet unto your hands because that’s how they look like, but they are ” flexible “. These keyboards are made from soft materials like silicone that allow the keyboard to be folded or rolled into a smaller size.

3 – Wireless Keyboards

Everything is wireless these days. Keyboard are no exception. Usually, this type of keyboard comes with a wireless mouse in a single package.

4 – Multimedia Keyboards

If you are someone who is not constantly on PC, then this one might be of an interest you. These multimedia keyboards are compatible with Android phones, Mac, Xbox, PS, Raspberry Pi….etc. Anything that comes into your mind.

5 – Handheld Keyboards

Not everyone wants to use both of their hands when gaming, right? That is why handheld keyboards exist, although I should inform you that they look slightly different than what you are familiar with. Some of the features that these keyboards offer are:


  • Non-traditional keyboard layout that is far different than the standard keyboards.
  • Highly convenient design that allows players more functionality


  • Expensive
  • Hard to use at first

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