Trending Tools – Web Designers

The days of wireframing via Photoshop are the thing of past. Clients need to see the website designed accurately and fast. The right tools will elevate your web design game and raise it to the peak.


Sketch is one of the best tools out there for not only just wireframing but prototyping as well. You can not only do a lot alone but also collaborate with your team and speed up the process while keeping your page beautiful and hands clean.

Drawing Monitor

This tool is more of a hardware upgrade but a needed one. We all know drawing tabs but there are drawing monitor as well. Drawing monitors can come packing up to 4k resolutions. Drawing monitors will increase your accuracy of the project and give you a more hands-on experience.


This is one of the tools/website I use the most. Clients don’t understand what the wireframe actually represents. This is where Unsplash comes in. Unsplash gives you high-res, freely usable images to power your project. Need to make a coffee shops website? Unsplash has got you, Need a stunning space visual? Photos from NASA (Yes NASA) will come to your aid via Unsplash.

Google Fonts

You can’t stick to Times New Roman or Arial for all your projects. You need different fonts for different projects. Google comes into play with google fonts. Google fonts gives you millions of fonts and shows you live preview of each and every one of them so you select the font that makes your project pop out of the rest.


Milanote is a unique app for creators. Milanote is basically a mood board which if you don’t know what it is then mood board is a space where you can attach all your inspiration on a board as reference and then start working on your project. Milanote does just that. Not only does it allow you to make you own mood boards but also share them with your team.

Adobe XD

Saved the best for the last. I personally love this application, and come on it’s from Adobe, is it ever going to be bad? Adobe XD is the ultimate prototyping tool for everyone. Sign up with your Adobe ID and you can not only share your projects with yout team but can also view it on your smartphone.

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