How to Root any Samsung Mobile

In this article, we will be talking about how to root any Samsung phone using an easy method that will be helpful to you in case you want it.

A not long time ago, telling someone how to root their Samsung phone was an obscure thing to say. However, times went by, and people began to discover the real benefits of rooting one’s own personal phone. Several ways to root any Samsung phone exist. But some of these options may confuse a lot of people, especially those who haven’t tried such a thing. For beginners, rooting a Samsung phone feels like hacking into a bank, but to be honest, it’s as easy an updating your game.

The best way to root a Samsung phone is to install apps on your computer. One of those apps that I suggest is King Root. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, KingRoot is a popular one-click root software with the best root support and guaranteed success rate. The procedure to root Android with KingRoot is simple, and it supports through a wide range of Android devices. You can Download KingRoot in both mobile APK and PC versions as per the exact requirement of the user. There’s also Odin3 which is highly recommended as well. Before you initiate this, please back up anything important from your phone to somewhere safe.

Samsung Odin is the ROM Flashing tool by SAMSUNG themselves for Android Smartphone and tablets devices. Including Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S8 etc. In addition, it is also used as a way of rooting an Android device. This is another popular method that is used for rooting all Samsung series android devices. To root your device with this application, simply follow the steps below.

Steps to root your Android device using Odin

  • Open Settings on your Android device.
  • Tap on About Phone and find the exact Build Number.
  • Tap on the Build Numberseven times and the Developer Options will appear on the main page of your phone Settings.
  • Next, check Back key to see the Developer Options.
  • Press on Developer Options.
  • Enable USB Debugging.
  • Lastly, check to enable OEM to unblock.

The continuation of the steps

  • Confirm Samsung Phone Model.
  • Open Settings and find the About Device.
  • Open Settings and find the About Deviceto confirm the Device name and Model number
  • Now check  Android Version and Build Number.
  • Now Download Odin3 and Root file according to the Device model, Build ID (number), and Android version.
    After Downloading Root file extract in a folder.
  • Now Boot Samsung mobile into Download mode.
  • Power off your Samsung phone.
  • Then simultaneously press and hold POWER + HOME + VOLUME DOWN for few seconds.
  • When you see the interface as below, release your fingers and press the VOLUME UP button. You will enter Download Mode.
  • Now Run Downloaded Odin3 utility software on the computer and connect mobile with computer
  • When the connection succeeds, there will be a note in the log
  • Then click the “AP” button and browse
  • Check the “Start” button to start rooting.
  • Rooting will be completed in several tens of seconds. When you see the note “PASS“, it indicates that rooting is finished. After that, the Samsung phone will restart automatically.

How to root your Samsung phone using KingRoot

KingRoot is another alternative if you Odin3 didn’t appeal to you. To root your phone, please check the process below:

Prepare your Samsung device, USB cable (the stock one recommended) within your reach. Internet Connection is required. Next, download from the official KingoRoot Android, install and launch it on your computer.

What you should do after that is to connect your Samsung device to your computer via USB cable. Please, make sure the connection is stable. Do not touch or unplug the cable till the end. Otherwise, you may screw the whole thing. After connecting to PC, Kingo Android Root will automatically check driver for your device and if it is not installed on your PC, it will download and install for you. Once driver installation is finished, the program will establish connection with your device.

Now enable USB Debugging on your device manually by following the detailed instructions on the interface of Kingo Android Root according to your Android version respectively. Once enabled, your device model name and root status will appear on the software as long as ROOT Notifications and a ROOT button.

After this, click ROOT to start rooting your device. It will take a few minutes to complete the process. The time required by the process varies from different objective conditions such as connection, network, phone models and all. Do not panic if it takes a little longer.

Once you succeed at rooting your Samsung phone, you will see a screen like this one below you.

That’s it! Now your phone is rooted. But beware that rooting your phone has also some negative consequences.

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